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Parkside III

This project is the third new construction phase of Parkside, which is a LIHTC project placed in service in 2012. The new phase involves 36 units of garden apartments in one, two and three bedroom units. The buildings will complement the contemporary style of the recently built projects. The 36 units will be in three buildings. Construction has started.


Parkside Phase 3 Construction

Versailles School Apartments


The Versailles Elementary School located at 299 South Main Street in downtown Versailles has served as a seat of education in Versailles and Woodford County since the early 1800’s. It  served as a private seminary, and after began a period of education, and later occupied by the Woodford County Community Education Center. This three story historic building will be given new life as beautifully designed apartments. Planned for 6 one bedrooms, 3 two bedrooms, and 4 three bedrooms for the 13 total units for families.

With our specialization in adaptive reuse, we will be preserving the buildings large windows, built-in bookshelves, and hardwood flooring. In addition to the historic preservation of some of the buildings most charming features, there will be modern upgrades such as, fully equipped kitchens, new HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

Parkside Phase II

This project is the second new construction phase of Parkside, which is a LIHTC project placed in service in 2012. The new phase involves 36 units of garden apartments in one, two and three bedroom units. The buildings will complement the contemporary style of the recently built project but will feature walk-up apartments in a lower density than the existing building. The 36 units will be in three buildings. Construction is expected to being in August 2014.

Robertson Apartments

The Robertson Apartments Project involves the adaptive reuse of the historic Robertson Building at 100 West Main Street, in Springfield, Washington County, Kentucky. The project will convert the currently vacant building into four one bedroom and three two bedroom apartments, for a total of seven units of affordable family housing. Three units will be income restricted at 60% AMI, and four units at 80% AMI. Previous stabilization efforts by the City of Springfield have left the building essentially gutted, with the exception of an ornate central stair. Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit equity will be utilized on the project, therefore the construction of apartment units will be performed to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation, under the guidance of the Kentucky Heritage Council and National Parks Service. The storefront and retail space facing main street will be restored for use by the City of Springfield in Heritage Tourism. Construction is expected to begin in July 2014.

Campton School Apartments

The Campton School Apartments development involves the historic adaptive reuse of the historic Old Wolfe County High School located at 166 Wolfe County Elementary School Road, in Campton, Wolfe County Kentucky 41301. The building is currently vacant, but was most recently used as Wolfe County Elementary School, until closing in 2005. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the architectural crown jewel of the City of Campton. With overwhelming public support, the project will be transformed into 19 units of mixed-income housing and the new Wolfe County Community Center.

On the residential side, the project will contain 13 one-bedroom, and six two-bedroom units. Sixteen of these units will be restricted to 60% of the AMI and three units will be completely unrestricted (in terms of income). All units will serve seniors 55 and older. These units are located in the main portion of the building where the former classrooms were located and contain approximately 23,551 gross square feet of space.

For the community center, the 6,318 gross square feet of space encompassing the former gym and stage will become the new Wolfe County Community Center. The County currently does not have a city or county wide community center. It will be retrofitted with brand new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing and will be upfit to include public restrooms, a concession area, a new stage and associated sound and lighting systems and perhaps a fitness center.

In all areas of the building, the historic character of the building will be preserved but the interior will be completely updated and modernized. New HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems will be installed throughout and unit interiors will be completely new with energy efficient appliances. Handicap accessibility will be paramount in the renovation. The site will be reworked to allow for convenient and safe parking, a new elevator and on-grade access to the building.

The new ownership entity of the project, Wolfe County High School LLLP, will lease the land and building from the Wolfe County Fiscal Court for a term of 99 years at $1/year. In return, the owner will lease the Community Center (gym) back to the Fiscal Court at the same terms. The County will be responsible for operating and maintaining the Community Center. Construction is expected to comments in October of 2014.

Arthurdale School Apartments

The Arthurdale School Apartments project is the adaptive reuse of an existing mothballed school building into 12 apartments for families in Preston County.   The project will be financed with WVHDF HOMErent funds as well as equity from the sale of State and Federal Historic Tax Credits to Clear Mountain Bank.  Construction is expected to commence in June of 2014.

The Edge

AU Associates, Inc. is partnering with City Properties Group to complete a multiple block development located in East Downtown Louisville, Kentucky to include residential, commercial, and office uses. More information coming soon.