AU Associates, Inc. utilizes an analytical approach to the economic contribution that historic preservation and urban infill provide to downtown areas and communities as a whole. By showing the newly created jobs, income, total economic input, and tax impacts of the project, comparisons can be made with other similar projects or investments. This analysis demonstrates the economic effects of projects by tracing the movement of expenditures through the various economic sectors until the money is exported incrementally from the respective city or country through purchases of outside goods and services.The goal of this analysis is to quantify economic aspects of development such as the following:

Direct Spending: On-site spending on employment, operations, and capital projects

Induced Benefits: Impacts created by the successive rounds of spending in the local economy until the original direct or indirect impact has been

     incrementally exported from the local area.

Jobs and Income: Quantify the income generated by the development and the number of jobs supported by the development.

Total Output in Dollars: The combined impacts of direct and induced spending

Taxes: Tax revenue contribution of the development to local, state, and federal units of government.

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