October 29, 2019 | by Stu Johnson

A ground breaking ceremony this morning in northwest Lexington recognized the start of development for 96 units of affordable housing for seniors.  The Oasis at Kearney Creek is expected to open in the spring of 2021.

Vice Mayor Steve Kay said the need for affordable housing extends beyond the supply particularly for seniors.  He added it’s hard to know by just how much. “We don’t have a real good idea about that.  There’s not a centralized registry for people who are interested, so what happens is, affordable housing gets developed and then it becomes available and then they deal with various agencies who are looking for housing for people,” said Kay.

Kay called the development off Georgetown Road a first rate project.  Developer Holly Wiedemann with AU Associates said the very energy efficient complex will exceed many market rate developments.  “All of our appliances are Energy Star.  We have very strict regulations with regard to insulation, to roofing materials, to the cladding, to the accessibility,” noted Wiedemann.

Wiedemann hopes a Lextran bus stop can be established nearby.

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