Sustainable land use planning requires the analysis of a variety of data. We have been retained by a variety of firms to assess a proposed specific land use, such as an airport, to determine its impact on the area. We have also looked at overall land use, in order to project the suitability of potential uses on a macro scale.

As part of our land use analysis, we take into consideration generalized existing uses, land topography, geology, soils, historic features, surrounding population, projected growth, and a host of socioeconomic factors. With the compilation of this information, combined with an analysis of future uses, we are able to both assess projected land uses and address feasibility issues with existing and projected uses.

For specific airport land use analysis, we look at noise impacts, potential relocation requirements, real estate values and existing uses, along with future uses and the inherent value accorded to each potential use.

As an overall paradigm, we look at the land. We look at the project use in the context of the area, its population, and the topography. We have an overall mission of sustainability, which can involve a host of both tangible and intrinsic values.