By: Aaliyah Brown

For Toni Pantoja recovery point was her last chance at a better future. “I know when I got out of prison recovery point just saved my life. I probably would have been back out on the streets committing crimes and strung out on drugs again if it wasn’t for Recovery Point and the staff here.”

And now she has a place to really call her own. “it’s beautiful, so many people that pay thousands of dollars and don’t get an apartment as nice as that,” said Pantoja.

This is Recovery Point’s third location, this one in Charleston. And like the others, it provides a safe haven and new beginning to people like Toni who have struggled with addiction.

The facility has 24 one bedroom apartments for women recovering from substance abuse and is the first housing facility dedicated to just women. Pantoja couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

Recovery Point follows AA’s 12 step program and believes that recovery is possible based on unconditional love and personal accountability. “it’s like a dream come true, it’s truly God answering my prayers Recovery Point saved my life.”

One condition is that residents are asked to pay some of their room and board, but even so residents like Toni appreciate that Recovery Point gives them a chance at survival. “they loved me when I couldn’t love myself.”

Aaliyah Brown 13 News Working for You.