By building new structures in the hearts of towns and cities, beautiful structures that blend harmoniously with their surroundings, we are not only enhancing those communities aesthetically and economically, we are enhancing the lives of the people who interact with the structures.

Urban infill, along with mixed use and historic renovation projects, has become an increasingly important tool in mitigating the effects of urban sprawl. Many communities are faced with swelling growth and escalating land costs. In the Bluegrass Region alone, thousands of horse farms have been lost to massive developments of housing and retail centers.

Redeveloping infill sites in urban settings breathes new life into city centers, while easing the pressures of sprawl – longer commutes, traffic congestion, smog, urban decay, crime and the loss of precious open space.

We value the importance of blending new projects with the existing, and oftentimes historical, character of neighborhoods. By merging new and traditional materials and architectural styles in a unique and genuine way, we are raising the bar for urban infill development.

Artek Before

Artek After

Meadowthorpe Before

Meadowthorpe After